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Now Contracting Agents For National Freight Brokering. We are based in California but our process is 100% remote where you will complete orientation online. You do not need to come to CA for any reason. This position requires that you have your own computer and access to internet. If you do not have it yet, you may apply now and receive a contract offer before purchasing your equipment.

Chronicle Freight is a small company with a big vision. We want to offer you an opportunity and provide you with the resources and education necessary to maximize your potential. Our company leadership knows what it takes to be in front of a computer most of the day while trying to earn decent pay. So we have created an organizational structure designed with the savvy Broker Agent in mind. We want to help you to be successful in building a lucrative business all while operating from the comforts of your home.

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We Specialize In Hotshot Flatbed

Our Broker Agents are well positioned to earn maximum income with several options available for developing new clients. With access to freight across the country, Agents can specialize in local freight or widen their portfolio by operating nationally. We will teach you how to find freight and book loads so you can generate the maximum amount of profit possible.

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Broker/Dispatcher Application

List most recent employment first. Include summer or temporary jobs. Be sure all your experience or employers related to this job are listed here.

Are you able to provide two forms of ID, 1 Picture and another government issued?
Like yourself, our team works entirely remote and functions largely via message. We are always available but it's possible that there will be little or no verbal communication. Are you able to self teach and follow written/video direction?

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