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Take Our Short Survey
This is Not The Application
We will complete a thorough background check, including criminal history, judgment liens, and UCC Filings. Do you have anything concerning in these areas?
Do any of your concerning matters involve any of the following?
Are you a US citizen?
Are you authorized to work in the US?
Based on your answers we will not be able to offer you a contract.
Do you have any experience in dispatching or brokering?
How much experience do you have?
Are you at all familiar with dispatching or brokering?
What interests you in this type of work?
Are you proficient using computers and associated software?
The position is 100% online and requires computer proficiency. This may not be a good fit for you. Would you like to be contacted about driver opportunities?
Can you manage your time proficiently, self manageable?
Do you have good phone/communication skills?
Can you multitask and if so, are you good at it?
Do you understand that this positon is 100% online and entirely commission based?
Do you understand that being a performanced based position, if you underperform you may not earn any income?
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